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I so appreciate your attitude. I believe that many of us were led to Aidpage . People helping people is a concept that needs to be encouraged in our 'me' oriented society . I am so glad that you have come to Aidpages , and it is so wonderful that you bring with you such a great attitude !

Thank you !


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I must have been led to this site. Even though I am facing some tough times and decisions right now, I know that the feeling of helping another is incomparable and nothing lights my fire more. I am on disability for a mental disorder and need to find another place to live for myself and my four-legged companion (dog). As I struggle with this, I would love to listen and try to be of any help I can to anyone who needs it. These are hard, scary times when it seems like no one cares about those of us who "live" well below the poverty line but we are not alone. We have each other. And sometimes that's all we need for the moment.

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